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How to use Do It Myself Meal Plan options

When it comes to following a meal plan we never expect it to go 100% to plan – when does life ever do that? So that’s why we’ve created a flexible approach that let’s you “do your own thing”.

The 80/20 rule is no scientific formula, but it sure is practical. And we know the more often you eat better (80% of the time), the more likely you are to choose better meals the rest of the time (20% of the time). Just remember you can’t out train a bad diet. So the aim is to give you the tools to choose better foods more often.

ATHLIV also has a bunch of recipes to use if you want to get creative in the kitchen and prepare some tasty meals for yourself, friends and family.

On the days and meals when you do your own thing, a general guide for most people is to follow the basic meal structure below. A few key points:

  • Veggies are your friend – the more the better for overall health.
  • Swap out processed foods where you can.
  • Lean meat, chicken, fish and plant based proteins are a winner for main meals.
  • Choose wholegrains to keep you feeling full.
  • Don’t forget to keep up with the dairy foods – great source of protein we often forget about!
  • Fresh fruit is always a great sweet treat to satisfy the cravings.
  • Nuts and seeds are delicious snacks – one small handful everyday is the go.

Got questions about ATHLIV Meal Plans

The ATHLIV nutrition team has created a simple way for you to plan your weekly meals and have tasty delicious ready made meals delivered to your door with Fast Fuel Meals.

Create a meal plan in the ATHLIV app to get suggested meals that meet your nutrition and calorie needs without having to do any of the thinking!

Your fitness goals and activity level will move you into the right meal selection range for your needs. All you have to do is select the meals and days of the week, then choose to use the meals we’ve selected OR change meals to your preferred option.

Alternatively you can choose to do your own thing. We’ve given you a basic guide to help you with the food selection when going on your own.

  1. What can I have if I’m hungry?

If you’re feeling peckish while using the meal plan remember veggies are your friend! You can never have enough, so stock up on fresh or frozen veggies along with your meal plan (don’t worry we’ll have these on the menu soon so you don’t have to do any extra shopping)

  1. Can I have coffee?

Hell yes! Long blacks, piccolos, espressos can all be your friend. Ones with milk, just be cautious to avoid the full fat large coffees if you’re looking to lose weight. Just be sure to not overindulge as caffeine can play havoc with your sleep, feeling on edge etc. Up to 3 cups of coffee per day is recommended.

  1. What about alcohol?

It’s up to you! If you like to include a daily tipple feel free to continue but remember a standard drink is 1 middy of beer, a shot of spirits or a very small glass of wine. General recommendations are to keep at least 2 alcohol free days a week, and no more than 10 standard drinks in one week.

  1. Where do my treat foods fit in?

What’s life without a treat every now and again! A little bit of chocolate, a small packet of chips or some ice cream every other day will not affect your goals – just remember to be mindful while you enjoy these types of foods so you don’t go overboard.

We’ll be bringing more features over the next few months so get started, enjoy the meals and we can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Launching ATHLIV Meal Plans

If you are located in Australia then check out ATHLIV’s new Meal Planner and Delivery service! Making healthy eating accessible, convenient and most importantly delicious! 

When it comes to good health, it’s essential to combine fitness routines with good nutrition. In fact combining nutrition with exercise can support 3.5 times more weight loss than exercise alone (1). And the odds of being successful with weight loss are two times greater by combining nutrition with activity than doing activity alone (2)!

We’ve partnered with Fast Fuel Meals to take the guesswork out of what to eat. We create a meal plan based on your goals, and Fast Fuel Meals deliver you delicious, fresh,  ready-made meals that help you reach your goals faster without skimping on flavour and nutrition.

These fresh seasonal meals are put together for you in a meal plan tailored to your personal fitness and health goals you’ve set within the ATHLIV app. Or if you’d prefer to do your own thing that’s ok too! The meal planning app has the option for you to do your own thing, or swap out the suggestions for your personal favourites.

At this stage meal delivery is only available in Australia in the main metro regions of NSW, QLD and VIC. Watch this space though as we have big plans to expand further.

Upgrade to the latest version of the app and check out the Nutrition tab today!