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How do I get started?

In the beginning

  1. Choose the equipment pack/packs suited to your lifestyle and budget *
  2. Register online and select the plan that fits you, or your squad.
  3. Download the app

Then every day or every time you want to workout

  1. Open the App
  2. Select your workout
  3. Select your equipment
  4. Then WORKOUT!

You can even use your own equipment. See the website for more details.

Am I capable of doing the workouts?


Obviously you need to ensure you know your constraints and your doctor/physician must advise you as to your limitations. ATHLIV however is for everyone. The key to ATHLIV is to get you to move consistently, preferably every day!

You are in control of the speed you move, and the weights you use. Always focus on your form and technique as a priority, and cease any exercise if it causes pain.

Also if you have any injuries we recommend avoiding exercises that are likely to impact or aggravate your injury. Always seek appropriate professional advice before participating, or if you are unsure.

Is ATHLIV easy to use?


  1. Open the App
  2. Select the equipment you will be training with
  3. Select your workout
  4. Then WORKOUT


We know the human body was designed to move, and move regularly. We understand the pressures of a modern lifestyle, and how hard it can be to fit everything in. Commitment and consistency to exercise can be difficult, and we are here to change that, we want you to be your best!

ATHLIV is designed to be affordable, scalable and deliver you a training regime you’ll love, and that fits in with your life.

Our goal is simple- to make you move and live better.

We want you to ‘Live like an Athlete’!

What is ATHLIV?

ATHLIV combines proven programmes, world class trainers and authentic gym equipment to enable anybody to train like an athlete anytime, anywhere.

It’s our belief that anyone who’s serious about their fitness should have the tools, guidance, encouragement and freedom to be at their peak no matter what.

Our ATHLIV app acts like a portable personal trainer, you can use at home or the park with one of our purpose built kits or with your own equipment. Or maybe take your phone to the gym, and using the gym equipment, have one of our high profile trainers lead you through a workout. With added nutrition and lifestyle information available, you can overhaul your entire lifestyle to be the best version of you!