Can I connect my smartwatch?

Yes. Connect your Apple Health/Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin device in the app. Simply go to Menu > Smartwatch integration and follow the prompts.

Next time you start an ATHLIV workout also start a workout on your watch. It really doesn’t matter what type of workout you choose on your watch. At the end of the ATHLIV workout you need to stop the workout on your watch.

Once your watch has synced (Apple Watch does this automatically, Fitbit and Garmin have to be manually synced with their companion apps) your heart rate and calorie data will be displayed against your workout under the Performance tab in the ATHLIV app. Select the workout to see the additional data.

Q. What smartwatches does ATHLIV support?
A. We support integration with Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin. If you have a device you would like to see us support please get in touch.

Q. I can’t see the data from my watch?
A. Make sure you start and finish a workout on your watch when you do your ATHLIV workout. Please also make sure that the workout on your watch has synced back to your device provider by viewing it in the companion app from your device provider. If you continue to experience issues, on the Menu tab in the ATHLIV App, go to Smartwatch Integration and disconnect your device before reconnecting it.

Q. I’ve got a new phone. What do I need to update?
A. Once you have set up your new phone and linked your watch and its companion app, open the ATHLIV app and go to the Menu tab and Smartwatch Integration. Then choose your device manufacturer to check the integration status.