What are the different types of equipment used in ATHLIV workouts?

The A-Z of equipment:

  • Activation Bands:
    A short elasticated band ideal for small motion exercises. Bands come with a different resistance level for your varying fitness requirements.
  • Agility Cones:
    Set up your training drills with the help of the ATHLIV Cones.
  • Agility Hurdles:
    Soft, lightweight agility hurdles that look great wherever you are training.
  • Agility Ladder:
    Time to step up your cardio game!
  • Balance Trainer:
    The ATHLIV Balance Trainer is ideal for stability and balance training exercises or rehabilitation treatment.
  • Deadballs:
    ATHLIV Deadballs are constructed from a heavy-duty and durable rubber outer shell filled to weight with sand. The surface of the ball is pliable and tacky, this ensures that the ball is easy to grasp when used in workouts.
  • Dumbbells:
    ATHLIV Dumbbells are made from top quality materials to withstand the daily pounding they receive during your workout.
  • Kettlebells:
    Simply the highest quality kettlebell available. Built to competition specification, and coated with polyurethane for protection, this kettlebell can go the distance.
  • Power Bands:
    Powerbands go by many names, but whatever you call them there is no denying the incredible benefits they can add to any workout.
  • REVO Bars:
    REVO Bars are an ideal choice for incrementally resistive exercise regimes to increase stability, build endurance and improve core strength.
  • Sandbags:
    The ATHLIV Sandbag has an all new premium design that features an improved overall construction to increase the life of your fitness gear.
  • Skipping Rope:
    Increase the intensity and effectiveness of your cardio workouts with a skipping rope.
  • Slides:
    Slide into shape with the ATHLIV Slides for high intensity exercise!
  • Step Trainer:
    Step up to a total body workout with the ATHLIV Step Trainer.
  • Suspension Trainer:
    Perform hundreds of exercises to increase your strength and power.
  • Swiss Ball:
    Improve your balance and tone up with the ATHLIV Swiss Ball.
  • WAR Balls:
    Water As Resistance. Just add water for a unique training experience!