In most cases your Android TV should automatically update installed apps.

If you need to manually update the ATHLIV TV App;

1. Open the Google Play Store app on the TV

2. Navigate to the initials icon in the top right hand corner and press OK on the remote

3. Select Manage apps & games and press OK on the remote

4. Select Update all and press OK on the remote

5. Press the HOME button on the remote to return to the homepage and launch the ATHLIV TV App

If you have a Smart TV with an internet connection and access to the Google Play App Store you can download the ATHLIV TV App.

The ATHLIV TV App enables you to play workouts on your TV without having to cast from your phone.

To get started:

  • Open the Google Play App store on your TV
  • Search for ‘ATHLIV’
  • install the ATHLIV TV App
  • Once complete, open the TV App
  • Choose the equipment type that best matches the equipment you have
  • Enter your email address
  • Setup is complete. The ATHLIV screensaver will play and a QR code will be displayed

To add the TV to the ATHLIV App on your phone:

  • Open the ATHLIV App on your phone
  • Go to Workout
  • Select a workout
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the ATHLIV TV App
  • Give your equipment a name so you can select it quickly from your equipment list

When you are ready to workout choose the equipment from your equipment list. When you start the workout it will play on the TV and your phone will display the playback controls.

Once you finish the workout, the TV will revert to displaying the screensaver and QR code.

The ATHLIV app is designed to deliver you a workout suitable to the equipment you are using. In the app:

  • go to Workout
  • select the workout
  • select the equipment you’re using today (there could be a couple of options)
  • then you’ll see the equipment you need for today’s workout listed
  • then hit “start workout”

We do our best to ensure your app experience always runs smoothly. Before contacting us, we suggest you try the following to trouble shoot if you have an issue.

  1. Check your connectivity (wifi or 4G)
  2. Logout and log back into the app
  3. Re-install the app

If you are still having issues, please contact us.

Yes. Connect your Apple Health/Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin device in the app. Simply go to Menu > Smartwatch integration and follow the prompts.

Next time you start an ATHLIV workout also start a workout on your watch. It really doesn’t matter what type of workout you choose on your watch. At the end of the ATHLIV workout you need to stop the workout on your watch.

Once your watch has synced (Apple Watch does this automatically, Fitbit and Garmin have to be manually synced with their companion apps) your heart rate and calorie data will be displayed against your workout under the Performance tab in the ATHLIV app. Select the workout to see the additional data.

Q. What smartwatches does ATHLIV support?
A. We support integration with Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin. If you have a device you would like to see us support please get in touch.

Q. I can’t see the data from my watch?
A. Make sure you start and finish a workout on your watch when you do your ATHLIV workout. Please also make sure that the workout on your watch has synced back to your device provider by viewing it in the companion app from your device provider. If you continue to experience issues, on the Menu tab in the ATHLIV App, go to Smartwatch Integration and disconnect your device before reconnecting it.

Q. I’ve got a new phone. What do I need to update?
A. Once you have set up your new phone and linked your watch and its companion app, open the ATHLIV app and go to the Menu tab and Smartwatch Integration. Then choose your device manufacturer to check the integration status.

To help you move more and live better we created “workout streaks” to keep you motivated. Streaks represent the consecutive number of days you have done a workout. You can keep track of your best streak and compete with your squad!

The ATHLIV app is specifically designed to deliver you a workout based on the equipment you have access to. You will be prompted to select the equipment you have, and the appropriate workout will be displayed. If you don’t have equipment, we have purpose built kits available for purchase. Check out the website to learn more.

In the app you are able to invite friends and family to join your squad! You can see their workout history and they can see yours. There is a leaderboard so you can keep each other motivated.


In the beginning

  1. Choose the equipment pack/packs suited to your lifestyle and budget *
  2. Register online and select the plan that fits you, or your squad.
  3. Download the app

Then every day or every time you want to workout

  1. Open the App
  2. Select your workout
  3. Select your equipment
  4. Then WORKOUT!

You can even use your own equipment. See the website for more details.


Obviously you need to ensure you know your constraints and your doctor/physician must advise you as to your limitations. ATHLIV however is for everyone. The key to ATHLIV is to get you to move consistently, preferably every day!

You are in control of the speed you move, and the weights you use. Always focus on your form and technique as a priority, and cease any exercise if it causes pain.

Also if you have any injuries we recommend avoiding exercises that are likely to impact or aggravate your injury. Always seek appropriate professional advice before participating, or if you are unsure.


  1. Open the App
  2. Select the equipment you will be training with
  3. Select your workout
  4. Then WORKOUT

We know the human body was designed to move, and move regularly. We understand the pressures of a modern lifestyle, and how hard it can be to fit everything in. Commitment and consistency to exercise can be difficult, and we are here to change that, we want you to be your best!

ATHLIV is designed to be affordable, scalable and deliver you a training regime you’ll love, and that fits in with your life.

Our goal is simple- to make you move and live better.

We want you to ‘Live like an Athlete’!

ATHLIV combines proven programmes, world class trainers and authentic gym equipment to enable anybody to train like an athlete anytime, anywhere.

It’s our belief that anyone who’s serious about their fitness should have the tools, guidance, encouragement and freedom to be at their peak no matter what.

Our ATHLIV app acts like a portable personal trainer, you can use at home or the park with one of our purpose built kits or with your own equipment. Or maybe take your phone to the gym, and using the gym equipment, have one of our high profile trainers lead you through a workout. With added nutrition and lifestyle information available, you can overhaul your entire lifestyle to be the best version of you!


Yes. We have equipment available for purchase in our store. You can buy a full equipment kit, or just an individual item that you might need to complement your home gym.

The A-Z of equipment:

  • Activation Bands:
    A short elasticated band ideal for small motion exercises. Bands come with a different resistance level for your varying fitness requirements.
  • Agility Cones:
    Set up your training drills with the help of the ATHLIV Cones.
  • Agility Hurdles:
    Soft, lightweight agility hurdles that look great wherever you are training.
  • Agility Ladder:
    Time to step up your cardio game!
  • Balance Trainer:
    The ATHLIV Balance Trainer is ideal for stability and balance training exercises or rehabilitation treatment.
  • Deadballs:
    ATHLIV Deadballs are constructed from a heavy-duty and durable rubber outer shell filled to weight with sand. The surface of the ball is pliable and tacky, this ensures that the ball is easy to grasp when used in workouts.
  • Dumbbells:
    ATHLIV Dumbbells are made from top quality materials to withstand the daily pounding they receive during your workout.
  • Kettlebells:
    Simply the highest quality kettlebell available. Built to competition specification, and coated with polyurethane for protection, this kettlebell can go the distance.
  • Power Bands:
    Powerbands go by many names, but whatever you call them there is no denying the incredible benefits they can add to any workout.
  • REVO Bars:
    REVO Bars are an ideal choice for incrementally resistive exercise regimes to increase stability, build endurance and improve core strength.
  • Sandbags:
    The ATHLIV Sandbag has an all new premium design that features an improved overall construction to increase the life of your fitness gear.
  • Skipping Rope:
    Increase the intensity and effectiveness of your cardio workouts with a skipping rope.
  • Slides:
    Slide into shape with the ATHLIV Slides for high intensity exercise!
  • Step Trainer:
    Step up to a total body workout with the ATHLIV Step Trainer.
  • Suspension Trainer:
    Perform hundreds of exercises to increase your strength and power.
  • Swiss Ball:
    Improve your balance and tone up with the ATHLIV Swiss Ball.
  • WAR Balls:
    Water As Resistance. Just add water for a unique training experience!
  • Workouts can be done if you have the majority of the required equipment. If you have alternative equipment, use it at your discretion, and you will begin to learn what extra equipment you need. Our workout kits are great because they provide you with everything you need for the corresponding workouts.

    If you need additional equipment, or heavier weights, visit the ATHLIV Store.

    The ATHLIV app is designed to deliver you a workout tailored to the equipment you are using. In the app:

    • go to Workout
    • select the workout
    • select the equipment you’re using today (there could be a couple of options)
    • then you’ll see the equipment you need for today’s workout listed

    In the ATHLIV App:

    • go to Workout
    • select a workout
    • select ADD EQUIPMENT
    • choose an option that best describes the equipment you have
    • give your equipment a name so you can select it quickly from your equipment list


    We recommend using a soft cloth with warm soapy water for cleaning your equipment. Allow to dry thoroughly before storing.

    Our Signature Pro Rig has a rower, don’t forget to keep it clean.

    After each use – wipe and dry the rower.
    Weekly – check foot straps, seat and handle are fitted securely. Tighten as required.
    Monthly – lubricate the chain with a teaspoon of purified mineral oil or 20W motor oil. Apply the oil to a paper towel then rub along the length of the chain. Wipe off any excess. Do not clean the chain with any kind of cleaner or solvent, e.g. WD‐40.
    Monthly – inspect the chain handle connection for wear. If there a signs of wear please contact us.

    Our Signature Plus and Signature Pro have bikes attached. Just like you, they need some love!

    After each use – wipe and dry the bike.
    Weekly – check foot straps, pedals, seat and handlebars are fitted securely. Tighten as required.
    Monthly – apply a small amount of silicone based lubricant to the edge of the flywheel (the part that comes into contact with the brake pad). Spin the flywheel so the pad absorbs some of the lubricant. This prevents drying out which can result in inconsistent motion and squeaking.

    Meal How It Works

    Use the meal plan to guide the starting day for your week, and follow the meal plan created for you.

    We suggest you order your meals with plenty of time. We’ll remind you on Friday’s to order, ready to start your meal plan for the next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live. Check the delivery days when you enter your postcode.

    If you want flexibility and do your own thing, just swap it out for the Chefs Hat meal. The suggested foods will be listed in the meal description.

    You’re always in control – your meal plan can be a combination of ‘do your own thing’ and meals delivered. Don’t like our meal suggestion? You can simply swap it out for something else in the list and create the plan you like. You’ll know if your meal is a delivered option by the green truck icon. If you see a chef’s hat, that means you’ve selected ‘do your own thing’.

    Based on the information you provide, and the goals you select, we’ll automatically recommend meals suited to your nutrition needs. The plan gives you meals ready to order and will be delivered to your door by our meal partner. You can order meals for the full week (main meals and snacks) or you can select the days and meals you wish to order. We recommend ordering 5 days worth of meals week, giving you 2 days to do your own thing.

    Meal plan

    Fast Fuel meals should be transferred to a refrigerator immediately after delivery / collection. Some meals are freezer friendly also.

    Unlike other meal options around, we’re all about providing you with fresh (not frozen) food that’s loaded with nutrients. To take advantage of our killer meal plans:


    Place your order by 3pm Sunday to receive your delivery the following Tuesday.


    Place your order by 3pm Sunday to receive your order Wednesday the following week.

    Our team take care when packing meals, but sometimes people make mistakes. If you receive the wrong meal call us on +61 478 926 959 or via email at

    At Fast Fuel we use MAP film sealing technology which enables us to preserve your food and keep it fresher for longer without the use of preservatives, chemicals or other nasty additives.

    Our meals are made fresh to order and stay fresh for 9 days. Every dish is marked with a use by date, to help you choose which meal to eat first! But as a general rule, eat your turkey first!

    If you would like to keep your meals for longer you can freeze them – in fact, we even have a helpful “freezer friendly” filter on our collection pages! However, when it comes to food we believe fresh is best and encourage you to avoid freezing your meals where possible.

    Our ordering system is super simple – we’re all about saving time so you can focus on more important things!

    First, select how many days you want meals for. Then browse our menu range and choose what you would like when. When you’re finished, go to the checkout and fill in your delivery address and payment details. Once complete we will send you an email confirmation.

    You can heat your meals in the microwave – pop them in for approximately 2-3 minutes and relax with a cuppa while you wait.

    Before microwaving ensure you remove the lid first. Then lift a corner of the protective film seal and remove any added sauces or lemon / lime pieces and to allow air to escape while heating.

    Fast Fuel takes great care in ensuring every meal you receive is fresh, tasty and treated in respect to all Food Safety regulations.

    When you receive your meals they will be:

    • Film sealed using state-of-the-art technology.
    • Well refrigerated inside a sealed packing box with frozen gel packs to maintain ideal food temperature.
    • Transported to you inside a refrigerated van and/or truck

    Yes – our minimum order amount is $50 prior to any discount being applied.


    To update your details, login and go to the “My details” section in the website dashboard.

    Our system uses verification codes rather than passwords. These can be sent to either email or your phone number.

    If you signed up for a Partner, Team or Pro Team plan, you can invite people to share it with you. Login and go to the “Account sharing” section of the dashboard.

    If you signed up for the Athlete membership, this one is just for you.

    Yes. You can change your ATHLIV membership plan at any time. We offer a number of membership options depending on whether you want to train solo, or share a membership with family/friends. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time from the “Membership” section in the website dashboard.

    Order Details

    Unfortunately we cannot change the delivery address after you have been charged. Please carefully check over your order and shipping information before completing your order.

    No, currently we only ship to Australia.

    Contact us if you are missing an item.

    We make all efforts to ensure that the goods are shipped in sufficient packaging as to not get damaged in transit, however, should you receive a damaged parcel, please follow the steps below to make a Transit Insurance Claim.

    1. Make a note on the Consignment Note when receiving the delivery of the damage and/or unsatisfactory condition of the package.
    2. Contact Us within 48 hours after receiving the package. Claims received outside of the 48 hours will be deemed as ‘storage damages’, and will be void.

    If you do not sign off on your delivery, your order will not be covered by our Transit Insurance. By signing off on your delivery, you accept that the number of items you receive matches the number on the consignment note and boxes/items are in good condition. This signs off that you received your delivery in perfect condition and will forfeit any insurance claims for damages during transit.

    Where we have received written authority from you to deliver the goods without signature on delivery, ATHLIV and the courier release all responsibility and liability for any loss or damages that may occur after delivery. Any claims for transit insurance will also be voided.

    Once we have packed and dispatched your order, we will send you a confirmation email with a courier information and tracking number.

    Note: Tracking details may need some time to appear. If tracking information does not appear initially, please come back later and check again.

    If you live in a remote area or are not sure of your local depot, please Contact Us before completing your order. In most remote locations, you will need to put the local drop off point as your shipping address.

    Shipping is calculated at the cart stage during checkout, taking into account the quantity of items ordered, the weight, and the dimensions.

    Your order will be dispatched within 1-3 business days. During peak times there may be delays. Our distribution centre is located in Wollongong, NSW, and is closed on weekends and public holidays.

    All orders are dispatched from Wollongong, NSW. We use Star Track and Direct Freight for sending satchels, loose cartons and pallets. This will take 1-6 days to major cities across Australia, depending on your location. Regional and rural areas may take longer as 3rd party contractors may be engaged for the delivery. Please note that 95% of deliveries are completed on time. Your delivery may be delayed due to unexpected volume increases or other delays outside of our control.

    For larger items or multiple pallets, we use the Main Freight Express service which may take 1-2 days longer, depending on your location.

    If you need to update your order please