Introducing Awaken

Awaken is ATHLIV’s newest workout addition. Challenging and sweaty, this workout will get you fitter, stronger and leaner than ever before. We have created a unique three round format delivered by champion Wake Boarder, Courtney. The first round of Awaken is centred around heavy, controlled resistance training designed to enhance strength and improve movement patterns, this round will get your body fired up! In the second round, the focus will turn to cardio, you will get your heart rate elevated with simple movements designed to strengthen and improve your cardiovascular system. The third and final round is an AMRAP, which means “as many reps as possible”, resistance and cardio come together here, and you can work at your own pace. The ATHLIV team has specially designed this program for you to track progress and monitor your improvements over time. We encourage you to record the weights you are lifting, and track the number of reps you perform, then over time watch your numbers, and your gains, grow! Awaken might just be your new favourite workout!

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