Launching ATHLIV Meal Plans

If you are located in Australia then check out ATHLIV’s new Meal Planner and Delivery service! Making healthy eating accessible, convenient and most importantly delicious! 

When it comes to good health, it’s essential to combine fitness routines with good nutrition. In fact combining nutrition with exercise can support 3.5 times more weight loss than exercise alone (1). And the odds of being successful with weight loss are two times greater by combining nutrition with activity than doing activity alone (2)!

We’ve partnered with Fast Fuel Meals to take the guesswork out of what to eat. We create a meal plan based on your goals, and Fast Fuel Meals deliver you delicious, fresh,  ready-made meals that help you reach your goals faster without skimping on flavour and nutrition.

These fresh seasonal meals are put together for you in a meal plan tailored to your personal fitness and health goals you’ve set within the ATHLIV app. Or if you’d prefer to do your own thing that’s ok too! The meal planning app has the option for you to do your own thing, or swap out the suggestions for your personal favourites.

At this stage meal delivery is only available in Australia in the main metro regions of NSW, QLD and VIC. Watch this space though as we have big plans to expand further.

Upgrade to the latest version of the app and check out the Nutrition tab today!