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Follow your meal plan each day

Use the meal plan to guide the starting day for your week, and follow the meal plan created for you.

Ordering delivered meals

We suggest you order your meals with plenty of time. We’ll remind you on Friday’s to order, ready to start your meal plan for the next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live. Check the delivery days when you enter your postcode.

Do your own thing?

If you want flexibility and do your own thing, just swap it out for the Chefs Hat meal. The suggested foods will be listed in the meal description.

Customise your meal plan

You’re always in control – your meal plan can be a combination of ‘do your own thing’ and meals delivered. Don’t like our meal suggestion? You can simply swap it out for something else in the list and create the plan you like. You’ll know if your meal is a delivered option by the green truck icon. If you see a chef’s hat, that means you’ve selected ‘do your own thing’.

Plans without the pain

Based on the information you provide, and the goals you select, we’ll automatically recommend meals suited to your nutrition needs. The plan gives you meals ready to order and will be delivered to your door by our meal partner. You can order meals for the full week (main meals and snacks) or you can select the days and meals you wish to order. We recommend ordering 5 days worth of meals week, giving you 2 days to do your own thing.