Meet David, one your Athliv trainers.

David is a champion rugby league and rugby union player. He has represented New Zealand in rugby league and previously played in the National Rugby League in Australia and in the Super League, primarily as a centre.

We asked David to tell us a little about himself….

What’s the highest point of your athletic career?
Being selected for NZ Rugby.

What’s the lowest point of your athletic career?
Snapping my achilles in the last minutes of a finals game that we went on to lose.

Favourite saying?
Live life to the fullest.

Favourite food?
Fresh mangos.

Favourite exercise?
Boxing and surfing – depending on my mood.

What motivates you to train?
My Dad passed away at an early age due to a heart attack. To avoid this happening to me, I try to be as consistent as I can with exercise and training.

What exercise and fitness myth winds you up?
That weight training makes you look bulky. Weight training can make you bulkier or leaner – it’s usually the technique, intensity and lifestyle which determines this. What weight training definitely does do is make you stronger!

If you knew then what you know now, what would you change?
Nothing. I love my life and am blessed to have what I have.

What’s your advice to someone wanting to reach their own peak fitness?
Be patient and take small steps. Consistency is the key. If you are consistent with your training you will feel better. When you feel better you’ll eat and live healthier. Each week your body will get fitter and you will be able to train harder.

Ready to train with David? Then look out for the South Pacific and Force workouts.