Meet Jack, one of the ATHLIV trainers. He’s a world class athlete through and through, winning his WBFF Federation Pro Card in bodybuilding and having a successful Rugby Union career playing for Randwick and the NSW Country Eagles.

Dedicated, fit, focussed. He’s just the kind of person you want to train with.

We asked Jack to tell us a little about himself….

I have been training most of my life. I competed in gymnastics and played rugby as a young kid. Then through my teenage years at school I rowed and played rugby and also did track athletics. After school I concentrated on my rugby career for another 7 years until I had one too many injuries and I found my love for bodybuilding as I spent more time in the gym due to my rehab.

What’s the highest point of your athletic career?
Winning my PRO CARD in Bodybuilding in the WBFF Federation.

What’s the lowest point of your athletic career?
Injuring my ankle before the Australian Rugby 7s development tour and having to give up my spot to someone else. Then requiring ankle surgery after and having to go through rehab and build myself back up.

Favourite saying?
I have two… Live everyday as if it is your last and a day without laughter is a day not worth waking up for!!

Favourite food?
Bananas for fruit, but my favourite meal is steak, potato and lots of vegetables.

Favourite exercise?
Squats in the gym and the assault bike in the cardio room.

What motivates you to train?
I love to train because it gives me the ability to create the best version of myself and motivate the people around me to do the same. Imagine if everyday you trained to be better than you were yesterday… Now think about how far you will be in six months time.

What exercise and fitness myth winds you up?
The two myths that really wind me up as they are wrong are that lifting weights at a young age will stunt your growth and that if girls lift heavy weights they will end up big and bulky like bodybuilders.

If you knew then what you know now, what would you change?
That along with hardwork and determination whilst training, nutrition is the other key to success. Whether the overall goal was to get strong and build up lean muscle mass or to increase my fitness and lean out on body fat. Your nutritional intake weighs in on everything for body composition goals. Also the effect good nutritious food has on your mental wellbeing.

What’s your advice to someone wanting to reach their own peak fitness?
My advice would be to make sure that you enjoy your fitness journey and the process it takes for you to get to your goal. Also that you must remember that there are 24 hours in a day and if you train for an average of 2 hours then the other 22 hours are just as important… if not more important. If you are smashing yourself in training but not taking care of yourself outside, then you will have a detrimental effect on your hard work. It is the choices you make outside of the gym that help echo your hard work you put in at the gym. TRAIN HARD. RECOVER HARDER.

Ready to train with Jack? Then check out the Squad workout. But …. watch this space for his new and exciting program coming soon that will push you to the next level.