New workouts!

One of our goals at Athliv is to deliver you proven programs by world class trainers and athletes to help you become the fittest, healthiest version of yourself. To that end we are very excited to announce we have now launched new daily workout programs. Look out for the programs over the coming days:

The Knockout workout is the foundation for building a strong aerobic base. With its challenging timing structures, Knockout will help you achieve a leaner, healthier looking physique.

With virtually no downtime, Peak is an endurance based cardio workout. The aim is to take your muscles through their full range of movement so form is crucial.

Finesse aids in lean muscle mass gains. With Finesse you will notice a decrease in worktime across sets enabling you to challenge yourself through the entire workout in a safe yet effective way.

Icon consists of large compound lifts with maximum rest periods. While your focus should be to lift as heavy as possible without sacrificing technique, Icon’s designed to make you stronger and more powerful.

Innovative, fun and demanding, Force incorporates the age-old technique of overload to achieve optimal gains. Repeated supersets under a guided time is what makes this workout unique.

Both innovative and creative, Fire & Ice is a 50/50 split of cardio and resistance exercises unlike any other workout. The cardio will make your heart race, resistance will make your muscles scream – Fire & Ice is relentless!

The programs are designed to minimise repetition because boredom should never be a part of your workout.