Activation Band


Activation Bands, sometimes called Glute Bands or Mini Powerbands, are a versatile resistance band that can be used within a workout or as a warm-up. Made from latex rubber and 55cm in circumference, they are designed to be worn above or below the knees to help activate your hips, glutes and hamstrings, and target areas in your glutes that would normally not be trained under a regular exercise regime.

They are available in varying levels of resistance:

Red 5lb 275*30*0.8mm

Grey 10lb 275*30*1mm

Blue 20lb 275*30*1.15mm

Black 30lb 275*30*1.3mm

Please note: When used on an abrasive surface bands can deteriorate quickly and snap. Bands should be inspected regularly for any visible wear and tear. In case of visible damage, please remove from use and replace immediately.

Bands are recommended to be used at a max. of 100% stretch (e.g. 27.5cm band should only be stretched to 55cm). Stretching beyond this limit is dangerous and not recommended.

This product contains natural latex rubber.


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