Power Band


Originally created to assist or increase resistance when performing exercises, Power Bands are now being used in ever more challenging ways. Whether you call them power bands, power loops, fitness bands or resistance bands, they help athletes overcome speed or sticking point issues by pinpointing muscle groups. Adding to their functionality they can also be used in rehab or warm-up as a stretching tool to increase range of motion.

They are available in varying levels of resistance:

Red 25lb 102*2.2*0.45cm

Blue 50lb 102*3.2*0.45cm

Black 75lb 102*4.4*0.45cm

Please note: When used on an abrasive surface the bands can deteriorate quickly and snap. Bands should be inspected regularly for any visible wear and tear. In case of visible damage, please remove from use and replace immediately.

Bands are recommended to be used at a max. of 100% stretch (e.g. 102cm band should only be stretched to 204cm). Stretching beyond this limit is dangerous and not recommended.

This product contains natural latex rubber.


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