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When we first began designing the ATHLIV equipment range, we didn’t want something that would just be a fly-by-night fad and would sit around gathering dust.

We wanted authenticity… we designed equipment that utilised tried and tested means.

Equipment people know and recognise. Equipment we know achieves results. Equipment that looks great, that you can be proud of – no matter where it is situated.

The ATHLIV Signature Series is your all-in-one personal gym for your clubhouse, your business, your home, your garage or office. There are 3 different models: The Signature, Signature Plus & Signature Pro, each building off the last with added equipment.

The ATHLIV Hero Series is your gym for every location, both home and away. Our base model, the Hero has been designed to go everywhere you go. The Hero Plus maximizes portability and equipment. The Hero Plus is your mini gym on wheels. Outdoor workouts are better than ever with an ATHLIV Hero Kit.


Every day we deliver you a specific program, tailored to you, and the equipment you are using.

The daily workouts are all part of a much larger, proven formula designed to;

  • get you to move every day (as your body is designed to), and
  • maximise returns from your effort.

The workouts are designed and demonstrated by our world class trainers & athletes bringing specific aspects from their experience to make you a better athlete whatever your aspiration.

If you miss a day – don’t worry, do the next day … the goal is to just move every day you can.

The program leverages Resistance, Cardio and a mix of the two, Fusion training.

  • Resistance workouts will make you stronger and build lean muscle mass. The goal is slower, controlled movements with weights that will fatigue your muscles.
  • Cardio workouts are all about sweat and heart rate. The goal is fast movements and high numbers of reps to get your heart pumping and burn calories.
  • Fusion smashes the best parts of cardio and resistance together to make your muscles scream. The goal is to get your heart rate up for the cardio exercises and then load your muscles for the resistance exercises. It’s relentless!

Every one of our workouts is designed to minimise repetition because
boredom should never be a part of your workout.

So what are you waiting for. Let’s train!

This is ATHLIV

We all know that the human body is designed to move. We also believe that anyone who’s serious about their fitness should have the tools, guidance, encouragement and freedom to be at their peak no matter what. That’s why we created ATHLIV.

The ATHLIV app is your gateway to training with us. All you need is to;

  1. Download the app
  2. Create your profile
  3. Chose your equipment

You’ll then get our daily world class program tailored to you and your equipment. It’s that easy!

Each day we deliver a daily workout to you from one of our trainers that is customised to the equipment you’re using. These workouts change and progress each day. Just start up the ATHLIV app, select your equipment and start working out.

Our trainers are world class athletes in their discipline. They’ve proven they have what it takes to compete at the highest level. Together we’ve developed comprehensive programs to help you build strength, endurance and mobility across cardio, resistance and fusion workouts.

Our equipment is designed to be easy to use and look great no matter where it is situated. From our premium Signature Series to our portable Hero Kits, there is an option for everybody and every location.