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Linn Sandstrom

Meet Linn, one of your new ATHLIV trainers.

Fast and coordinated, Linn will get you fit in no time. Linn started out as a champion table tennis player in Sweden becoming a Silver Medalist in the Swedish Table Tennis Nationals 2018, before relocating to Australia and switching to a professional boxing career. She loves to work hard, always pushes for the extra edge, and her expert coordination and footwork give her an athleticism that is hard to rival. Her work ethic is second to none and we’re proud to have her on the ATHLIV team.

Linn’s workouts are the Knockout workouts. These cardio based programs are designed to build you a strong aerobic base. Bring your A-game to this workout, with very little rest and challenging time constraints, you will push your limits! Don’t miss this workout, if you want a leaner and healthier looking physique.


  • WBC Australasia Champ 2022
  • Australian Boxing League Amateur and Novice Titles 2018-19, Gold Medalist
  • Swedish Table Tennis Nationals 2018-19, Silver Medalist


  • Linn’s first professional sport was table tennis!